Watch: 5,057 confirmed COVID-19 cases, 73 deaths in Illinois


CHICAGO, Ill. – The Illinois Department of Public Health provided updated numbers of positive tests and deaths linked to COVID-19, and Governor J.B. Pritzker asked President Donald Trump to enforce the Defense Production Act so states like Illinois can more quickly obtain resources in their fight against the coronavirus.

On Monday, Illinois reported 73 deaths and 5,057 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

The number of infected patients in Illinois has increased significantly in the last few days. On Friday, March 27, Gov. Pritzker said the state had recorded just over 2,500 cases. That number grew to nearly 4,600 cases by Sunday afternoon’s briefing.

Also Sunday, the governor said he expects the state to increase the number of tests it conducts daily, from an average of 4,000 per day to 10,000 per day.


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