COLLINSVILLE, Ill. – The entire city of Collinsville is under a boil order Wednesday morning after a major water main break. 

The situation is impacting thousands of residents, multiple schools, and many businesses.  The break happened right in front of the Collinsville Water Treatment Plant along Collinsville Road. 

Authorities told us it is going to be a complex repair and could take many hours to complete. 

Then after the repairs are done, it will be another 24 hours before the boil order is lifted. The Director of Public Works for Collinsville, Dennis Kress, told us the 20-inch line that broke is the main water line for the city of Collinsville. That line runs out of the water treatment plant. 

The break happened about 10:15 p.m. Tuesday night and a city-wide boil order has been in effect ever since. Some 27,000 residents are being impacted. 

Kress shared that while some people may still have some water, others like those in the higher, bluff areas are likely completely without water. Either way, Kress said a boil order is needed because the break could lead to contaminants getting into the water. 

A ground storage system is working but Kress explained it can’t provide adequate water for the entire community. 

Here is some of what Kress told us a little earlier. 

“It is a big deal,” said Kress. “All of the restaurants and schools are all affected by it. So this is a big deal. That’s why we take it very seriously and we’re trying to work our best to get it back online as soon as possible. You can bathe in the water. All water that’s used for drinking and culinary purposes needs to be boiled for five minutes until the boil order is lifted,” said Kress. 

The Holy Cross Lutheran School in Collinsville canceled its first day of school Wednesday because of the water main break. The Old Herald Brewery and Distillery is also closed for lunch. The Collinsville Community Unit School District #10 has its first day of school today as well. 

A spokesperson said the school is happening but bottled water is being brought in to the schools impacted by the break.