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ST. LOUIS, Mo. – People are smelling smoke from central Kansas to northern Illinois today. The National Weather Service says that Wednesday night’s high winds are sending smoke 600 miles across a major portion of the Midwest.

The National Weather Service put Kansas under a red flag warning on Wednesday due to the low humidity and high winds. Along with wildfires, the wind also caused low visibility on Kansas roads due to blowing dust.

“Any early risers out there may smell smoke. Have no fear – there are no fires nearby. The smoke is actually from Kansas, traveling some 600 miles overnight with the strong southwest winds,” tweets the National Weather Service in Chicago.

The fire sending the smoke all the way to Chicago is located in Ellis County. The wildfires spread to the town of Paradise, Kansas. KAKE-TV reporter tweeted images of homes and other buildings burning. The top wind speed in Paradise on Wednesday was 86 mph.