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Correction: A previous version of this story stated 45 employees survived and six died in the collapse. The correct number is 40 survivors and six dead.

EDWARDSVILLE, Ill. — A delivery driver who survived the deadly collapse at an Amazon fulfillment center in Edwardsville said he was trapped under concrete for more than three hours. Craig Yost, 39, had just finished his route Friday night when he returned to the Edwardsville facility around 8:00 p.m. He took shelter in a bathroom just before an EF-3 tornado hit the building, causing the walls to collapse.

“The worst night of my life for sure,” said Yost. “I was trapped under a wall of thick concrete that I had no idea how big it was. I know it took them over three hours to get me out of there.”

Yost suffered broken bones, cuts, and bruises. He is recovering at Saint Louis University Hospital after undergoing surgery.

“A lot of sadness but a lot of happiness because I’m glad to be alive. I was insanely lucky,” said Yost.

While 40 employees survived, six people died in the collapse.

“To the victims’ families, I would just tell them that I am my heart is with them,” said Yost. “For the time I spent down there thinking about those things that I might miss out on, I can understand how they’re feeling.”

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating the fatal collapse.

Amazon said it was donating $1 million to the Edwardsville Community Foundation to help with recovery efforts. The company also said it will reach out to workers and their families to assist them.