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ST. LOUIS – Imo’s is helping out during a major fundraiser for Variety The Children’s Charity in St. Louis to help kids with special needs.

FOX 2’s Chris Regnier was at Imo’s downtown location getting the details.

Imo’s has been working with Variety for more than 20 years. The St. Louis area pizza chain has helped raise over $1.5 million for the charity. Now, they’re helping out again.

Nick Bahr is the father of Blake, a Variety kid, and he says, “Variety got him to where he is now, he’s had so many delays with his diagnosis of needing a kidney transplant. He needed a lot of help with physical therapy and occupational therapy and they’ve come to the house and helped him with that.”

Bahr says Variety is an amazing support system for Blake and the rest of their family.

Blake helped make the Imo’s pizzas this morning at the downtown location. He said his favorite part was putting the toppings on.

Variety is trying to raise $1.6 million over the next month through their fundraising effort “Every Day Possabilities.”

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