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ARNOLD, Mo. – An Imperial, Missouri man’s life has been forever changed after uncovering a $10 million winning ticket in a Missouri Lottery Scratchers game over the weekend.

On Sunday, David Piper went to the Schnucks in Arnold and decided to buy a scratch-off ticket. He got the winning ticket not because of his own doing, but because of what he said could be “divine intervention.”

“The machine I was going to buy it out of was out of order. The machine next to it, the one was sold out,” he said.

However, the third machine was working and still had tickets in it.

“I bought that one. That was the $10 million winner. Somebody was upstairs watching,” Piper said. “I had to look at it several times and still didn’t believe it!”

The 67-year-old quickly told his wife and went back to Schnucks to have the ticket verified.

“And she didn’t believe it. She had to see it because she was still at work,” Piper said.

Both David and his wife quit their jobs within days. He had been working as an electrician for Washington University in the Department of Radiology.

Piper said he and his wife will buy a new home down the road, but his first purchase will be a new Jeep. His current vehicle, a Chevy Cavalier, is 20 years-old and has 250,000 miles on it.