In wake of Me-Too movement, victims need more help, local attorney says

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ST. LOUIS – The “Me-Too” movement has led to new needs. With sexual abuse reports skyrocketing, victims need help in their recoveries.

Enter Grant Boyd, an attorney at Sindel Noble, which specializes in assistance for sexual abuse victims.

“You have someone who now has to live the rest of their life with incredible trauma and a burden on their shoulders and, unfortunately, most people need treatment for that,” Boyd said.

According to Boyd, more and more people are proving claims of abuse. The first thing those individuals need is both mental and emotional support.

“We can provide them with opportunities and compensation so that way they don’t have to worry about whether they can afford their medications and stuff like that,” he said. “Whether it's just being with them through the criminal case or pursuing avenues for compensation or maybe both.”

Boyd recently represented two girls from Wildwood who were sexually abused by their neighbor. Their abuser, Jason Lawson, was sentenced to 40 years in prison in July.

“That was one where those people came and said, ‘Hey, we've never been through this process before. Can you please help and be there for our kids?’” Boyd said.

Boyd said without that emotional and mental support, which isn’t free, victims can suffer even more. He’s credited the Me-Too movement and the media for spotlighting sexual abuse, which he says is helping more people feel comfortable in coming forward

“We do everything we can to protect identity, confidentiality, protect them (from) really being harmed further,” he said.

Boyd said his firm is putting together a program for victims so they can get immediate support rather than waiting until the legal process is over, because some victims need help as soon as possible.


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