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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) –   On a hot July Tuesday afternoon, the sun is the scene stealer in South County. It`s the final day of production for the independent movie, The Grandmother’s Murder Club.

‘You think of Hollywood you think of big Marvel super hero films or tent pole films,’ says Srikant Chellappa, Writer & Director.  ‘But a lot of the independent voices really come out of other parts of the country so I think St. Louis can really do that and definitely be a part of that process.’

The process of putting a bunch of people together on a hot sunny set of this dark comedy is not easy.

Add TV mom Florence Henderson and Pam Grier and you might have a recipe for a film that might turn some heads with this small production.

‘I prefer it actually,’ says actor Randall Batinkoff.  ‘It’s more of a team camaraderie and a little less of a corporate venture.’

Just like on a major motion picture set there’s a lot of down time while all the pieces come together to make a cohesive picture.

They begged, borrowed and sought local investors to make their movie.

An old car is on loan from a neighbor, an old stove and refrigerator spray painted to look new on camera.

In nearby real life St. Louis which is on pace for 190 murders in 2015, these filmmakers are hoping the only casualties in the grandmother’s murder club are on celluloid.

And the city and region develop a reputation as a home for the independent lens.

‘Well I think the way to really look at it is to make St. Louis and the Midwest really a different type of film town,’ says Chellappa.