ST. LOUIS — It was a bit gloomy on the first day of Passover and Good Friday, but there were plenty of people out and about getting their groceries for holiday dinners.

But this year, those dinners may cost more. With inflation over the past year, some people are concerned about the sticker price of that Easter ham.

“Because honey-baked hams are kind of a splurge or a treat for us anyway. And so honestly, when I’ve shopped previously, it’s been kind of at the top of our budget. So if it’s too much, then we may not have ham,” said Mary Hall, a regular customer of Honey Baked Ham.

Hall wasn’t sure what today’s damage would be.

“There’s sticker shock, definitely. For the smallest bone-in ham, they had it’s $80,” said Hall.

At Protzel’s Deli, they were basically sold out by the end of what’s one of their busiest days of the year. They haven’t experienced the same price hike.

“Prices went up a little bit last year, and we raised our prices accordingly,” said owner Max Protzel. “Everything for us, fortunately, has been pretty even so far through that. Luckily, the things like ham and chicken, we don’t sell. So we’re not affected by that as much.”

Protzel doesn’t quite understand the reason for the increases.

“I think it’s just because they can. Honestly, I don’t understand why. There’s no shortage,” he said. “I see it all the vendors I go to, they have plenty in stock. I just think they’re raising prices because it’s the thing to do right now.”

He thinks there’s something more important than higher profits.

“You’ve got to keep your customers happy,” Protzel said. “So we keep prices as long as we can the way they are. Just keep them happy. And they’re pretty much happy. They get it. They see what’s going on. It’s nothing out of the ordinary. But fortunately, we have not had to take our prices up this year. We can see how long we can keep that going.”

And remember what’s most important this holiday weekend.

“The most important thing I think is people adjust when they realize what’s really important about a holiday — and it’s spending time with your family,” said Hall. “And the food honestly is a big part of it, but you can always be creative and adapt.”