Injured bald eagle recovering at World Bird Sanctuary after rescue

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VALLEY PARK, Mo. – The day after Veteran’s Day, a good Samaritan came across a wounded bald eagle.

It’s now being treated at the World Bird Sanctuary. A Montgomery County man and his friends rescued the bird with their bare hands.

Samuel Schaffrin said he saw the eagle trying to take flight but it was badly injured. He spotted it near the family ranch in High Hill near Highway F.

Schaffrin said he got in contact with two friends, Danny Sly and James Longstreet, and together they rescued the bird.

Schaffrin said he had experience dealing with chickens, so he grabbed it gently like he would a chicken.

He said the eagle got a tight grip on his gloves with its talons. He then wrapped the bird up with a coat.

They were able to get the eagle to the World Bird Sanctuary in Valley Park, where it’s recovering.

Staff veterinarian Allison Daugherty said the huge bird weighs about 12 pounds. Daugherty suspects the bird might have some spinal injuries and they are working to nurse the eagle back to health.

Once the eagle is strong enough, the World Bird Sanctuary intends to let her back into the wild.

Eagle sightings increase as the winter weather arrives. Sanctuary employees said they flock to water and trees.


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