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ST. LOUIS– Police dodged gunfire not once, but twice within 24 hours. KMOX radio personality Dave Glover watched one gunbattle from a sidewalk.

Investigators say multiple shots were fired at officers in two separate incidents.
The officers were in unmarked vehicles which eventually became targets for suspects in both cases.

Around noon Wednesday, Glover was in the 2200 block of South Jefferson Avenue enjoying a day of shopping when he walked outside and saw a passenger in a silver-colored Audi SUV rise up through the sunroof and open fire on an unmarked police car.

“I heard pop, pop, pop, and the guys wiz by in this Audi sticking out the top with an AR or an AK and just shooting at police cars as he goes by, ” said Glover.

Glover says it was like something out of a movie scene. “It was absolutely insane so surreal, We have seen it a million times in the movies and tv John Wick… I would have done a retake it was too on the nose like a movie”

Police say the Audi caught their attention because it had expired temporary tags. The driver made a quick u -turn. As the car passed officers, one of the two people in the SUV shot at officers.

We are told a police officer returned fire and no one was hit. Police gave chase and the two people inside the SUV were arrested without incident.

Police say they recovered a .40 caliber Glock handgun and a 50 round drum-style magazine.
Glover says he just glad no one was hurt.

“I’m sitting at home thinking how easy it would have been for the guy to see me and turn the gun on me and think I’ll shoot that guy and maybe the cops will stop and try and help him. If he was willing to shoot at cops and try and kill them you are willing to shot at a guy in a furniture store “ said Glover.

In a separate incident around 1am Thursday morning, different officers came under fire on Goodfellow Boulevard at Laura Avenue. There were several shell casings in the street.
A car windshield was hit by a bullet and so was a nearby house.
No one was injured