Interviews puzzle piece of cop’s staged suicide


Fox Lake Lt. Joseph Gliniewicz

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CHICAGO (AP) _ A spokesman for a task force that investigated a northern Illinois police officer’s death says interviews with the first police officers on the scene did not create any major leads in the case.

Lake County Sheriff’s Detective Chris Covelli told The Associated Press on Monday that the responding officers’ accounts of the day Fox Lake Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz (GLIHN’-uh-wihts) died were a “piece of the puzzle.” The accounts include one inexperienced officer suggesting the dead man’s hand position suggested he killed himself.

But Covelli says what Gliniewicz said on the radio about chasing suspects and other evidence outweighed the initial conflicting perceptions of the officers.

Gliniewicz’s Sept. 1 death touched off a massive, weeks-long manhunt. Authorities later concluded he’d staged his death to look like homicide after realizing he would be exposed as a thief.

Fox Lake officials late Monday released summaries of interviews given to the task force after Gliniewicz’s death.


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