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CEDAR HILL, MO (KTVI) – It is dramatic surveillance video Missouri State Highway Patrol investigators hope will reveal some answers surrounding a fatal hit and run crash in Cedar Hill.  They say the video shows the moments after a white SUV struck a man on a scooter Sunday at approximately 3 am.  The crash was just east of Highway BB on Highway 30.  The victim’s body was found nearly a mile away.  He’s been identified as 44-year-old William Bentley of Danville, Indiana.

The video shows sparks flying from underneath the SUV.  Investigators believe it’s the result of the scooter being wedged underneath the SUV as it traveled east on Highway 30.

Investigators estimate the scooter could top out at a speed of 30 miles per hour.  The speed limit along Highway 30 is 60 miles per hour.  We do not know why Bentley was traveling along the highway.  The crash was near the top of hill where there’s a bend and no lights.

Investigators do not know if the driver ever saw the scooter.  The Missouri State Highway Patrol has been trying to track down the driver to find out more about what happened.  Anyone with information about the driver or the crash should call Troop C at 636-300-2800.