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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. – Residents and police are speaking out after two cars and countless items were stolen from cars in subdivisions in Dardenne Prairie.

Many residents said they were distracted by Super Bowl Sunday and left doors unlocked. Thieves struck around 2 a.m. in Aberdeen Village, driving up to cars and breaking in.

Katie Cline’s home surveillance camera captured at least three suspects pulling up and then checking car doors. One suspect got lucky with an accidentally unlocked door and stole air pods.

“It’s very violating, very frustrating. We’re angry. We’re sad,” said Cline. “We’re very good about locking our doors, I will say. We got new furniture, the day went on, we barbecued, the day went on, and we lost track of time.”

Just as fast as they came, the suspects jumped back into the cars. One of them stole from a neighbor and sped off to the next street to do it all over again.

St. Charles County police confirmed two cars and multiple items were stolen. It’s a problem they continue to fight with their auto theft task force.

“Most of the time they’re using them for other crimes, to steal and then they dump the cars,” said St. Charles County Chief of Police Kurt Frizz. “I think a few of them are being sold, so there is money value to the individuals.”

The task force has made 41 arrests this month alone. They’re now working with St. Louis County as well.

One car was found dumped in St. Louis County Tuesday morning, but the second car remains unfound.

“I was devastated. I’ve only had the car for a few years, and it’s our family car. We had our car seats in there, a lot of our work stuff, my paperwork, a lot of things that matter to our family,” said Aberdeen Village resident Jamie Demeter.

Their dark gray Nissan was stolen from their garage. Forgetting to close the door, her purse with the key fob nearby was theirs for the taking.

“My purse, we think was in the laundry room. I could have left it accidentally in the car. I don’t know,” said Demeter. “Either way, someone got into my stuff — and it doesn’t feel good.”

It’s another reminder to always lock your doors. If you have any information regarding any of these crimes, contact authorities.