J. Lo’s mom shouts & Ben Affleck ponders ‘St. Louis’ in a new star-studded ad


ST. LOUIS, Mo. – What is Jennifer Lopez’s mom doing shouting about St. Louis during a commercial for a new sports betting app called WynnBet? Guadalupe Rodríguez appears with Ben Affleck during a scene featuring slot machines. She says, “Come on Lupe, you can do this girl. Just like the slots in St. Louis!”

That is when Ben Affleck walks by, turns his head to ponder, and says, “St. Louis?”

We had some questions too. Is Ben Affleck thinking about his time in Missouri filming Gone Girl? He was in St. Louis and Cape Girardeau filming the movie during 2013. He probably had a great time because he was even caught wearing a Cardinals shirt. A FOX 2 Live truck was even used in the movie.

Anyways. There is a reason why Rodríguez highlighted STL during the ad. The city has several sports teams that you can bet on. Other actors in the commercial mentioned US cities with major league teams for the same reason. But, there is a story behind her actual jackpot.

A representative from WynnBET explains:

“It happened in Atlantic City where she had her big slots win and obviously no pro sports teams there. The whole spot was used generic city names rather than teams. Lupe was an actor with a script like the rest of the cast.”

The star-studded ad is a part of a $100 Million push to promote the new app. Casino operators are serious about the fast-growing business of online wagering.

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