ST. LOUIS – Rehab is underway for Janae Edmondson, nearly one month after a life-changing tragedy in St. Louis.

Edmondson, 17, was visiting St. Louis with her family for a volleyball tournament on Feb. 18. While walking around downtown St. Louis, a speeding driver failed to yield and collided with another vehicle. That second vehicle struck Edmondson, and both of her legs have been amputated since the crash.

According to an update on her GoFundMe page, Edmondson began rehab with support from her parents Thursday. “I’m so proud of her,” says supporter Marilyn Edmondson, who announced Edmondson’s rehab.

The GoFundMe has raised nearly $800,000 for Edmondson in recent weeks, closer to a $1 million goal for her medical bills and other financial needs. Her parents noted earlier this month, “we are uplifted” by the support from the St. Louis community.

In legal developments, the man accused in the crash, Daniel Riley, entered a not-guilty plea. Riley was out on bond awaiting trial for armed robbery prior to the crash. The courts say he has since violated house arrest 51 times with no consequence.

The situation has caused outrage at the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office. Calls mount for Kim Gardner to resign following the situation that unfolded last month. The Missouri Attorney General has filed paperwork and subpoenaed the St. Louis mayor in an effort to remove Gardner from office. Gardner calls the efforts to remove her from office a “power grab”