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HIGH RIDGE, Mo. – A Eureka man is charged with the 2019 murder of a man whose body was found earlier this week in High Ridge. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department says the body belongs to Samuel Israelsen, who was last seen by his family in 2019.

Police have charged Jason Isbell with the crime and believe he struck the victim with a metal bat in the head.

Isrealsen’s mother reported him missing after not hearing or seeing him for about a month. During the initial investigation, it was reported to officials Israelsen had been dropped off on June 1, 2019 at a home on Ridgedale Dr. in High Ridge. He was there with Israelsen.

On Tuesday, a person found Israelsen’s body near Ridgedale Dr. wrapped in a rolled up carpet and tarps in a wooded area.

An autopsy was done and revealed Israealsen suffered extensive head trauma. He was also identified by a tattoo on his left arm.

A body has been found near Twin Rivers Road and Osage Drive in the High Ridge area. Jefferson County police confirm the discovery and that detectives are headed to the area to investigate.

Isbell is being held at the jail without bond.