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HIGH RIDGE, MO – “How about that second amendment, gun rights! That’s why we’re out here,” Naham King said to a round of applause.

With their signs and guns in tow, dozens of gun owners in Jefferson County took their message to the streets for a pro-gun rally.

“We’re out here standing up for our rights,” King said. “Everybody rights, it’s about the basic human right to defend your family against anything.”

“My decision to come down today is to show these people including myself are your neighbors,” Bryan Chappell said. “We see you in the grocery store, we see you in the movie theatres, everywhere!”

This rally comes as gun control continues to take center stage in congress and around the nation following Florida’s school shooting that left 17 dead.

Following that massacre, there’s been an increased discussion on the use of AR-15’s and raising the legal age to purchase a firearm to 21.

That’s a move that has some of these self-proclaimed second amendment defenders on the fence.

“I don’t think its necessarily a bad thing,” gun owner Amy McFarland said. “I don’t know if it sensible, but if that’s what they’re talking about and a measure of comfort than okay.”

Other gun owners say there’s no compromise and they want lawmakers to keep their hands off of their rights.

“The second amendment, the constitution is there for a reason,” King said.

“We’ve become so divided that we’ve forgotten how to have polite discussions about difficult topics,” Chappell said.

There’s only one-way Chappell believes that a sit down can happen and be productive.

“Disarm both sides and let’s have an intelligent conversation on what we’re talking about without the misinformation being thrown from both sides,” Chappell said.

There were not any people with opposing views that showed up to the rally.

Some people driving by showed their disapproval of their views but did not get outside of their cars.