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JENNINGS, MO – The Jennings School District is celebrating a unique achievement: a 100 percent graduation rate.

“When you have such an awesome culture and climate you’re able to produce amazing things and that’s how we’re able to be here to celebrate a 100 percent graduation rate and 100 percent career- placement rate” said Jennings Superintendent Dr. Art McCoy.

Jennings High Principal, Dr. Rhonda Key says all 160 Jennings High School students have graduated and are headed to college, the military, a technical/trade program or already employed.

“The people, the process, and the procedure has produced a product we can be proud of and that’s when each student that enters this building as a ninth grade, we already looking at them as future employees outside of these walls” said Dr. Key.

Kevon Larkin is one of those students.  He also received a $50,000 scholarship to attend college and will major in engineering and architecture at UMSL.

“I couldn’t do math” said Larkin.  “I could do it but it was hard for me. So, I’m like I’m not going to college, I know they’re going to throw a math class my way I wasn’t going to take, but it was like if they could do it I could do it” he said.

Dr. Key says that can-do attitude is fostered at Jennings High when students walk in as freshmen.  During their high school years, students become required to fill out at least two college application, apply for federal student aid and take the ACT.

“We are making a difference in that every child no matter what your zip code, should achieve” said Dr. Key.