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ST. LOUIS – The crowd was excited Saturday night as Variety the Children’s Charity finest kids took center stage to showcase their talents.

“I’m pretty excited tonight! I really happy to be able to do this again,” Rachel Bloom said.

In a sold-out Peabody Opera House, whether it was hosting or reporting St. Louisans got the best seats in the house to witness young people full of courage, strength and love.

“Most of the time I’m not by myself and I have all my new friends around me and everything,” Bloom said.

Cheri Fromm and L.B. Eckelkamp were this year’s honorees of Woman and Man of the Year for their selfless contributions to the organization.

“I think what’s more important is what we do behind the scenes so that they can be the best that they can be,” Cheri Fromm said.

“I’m just thrilled to be a part of it and honored to be a part of it,” L.B. Eckelkamp said.

As if the night couldn’t any better, the kids will be joining Grammy Award winning singer John Legend on stage and they could hardly contain their excitement.

“Yes, I haven’t seen him before,” Bloom said. “I’m really honestly really surprised and this time I will be singing with a real singer and he’s really big and what not.”

And for this small moment, it will serve as time to remind everyone why we must remain strong… together.

“We live in a society that may bring us down and have negative thoughts on us, but if we all stand together and love each other we can fight through it,” Andrew Adolf said.