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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI)- In a news conference Wednesday, Captain Ron Johnson was faced with a question regarding complaints, from residents, about officers wearing wristbands appearing to be in support of officer Darren Wilson.

Woman: “Some of the residents were complaining that the officers wore ‘Darren Wilson’ wristbands in attempt to infuriate the crowd. Do you feel that the police are justified in wearing these wristbands and do you think that it was an attempt to infuriate the crowd?”

Johnson: “I think that that was not a statement of law enforcement, that wearing of that was an individual statement. I do expect that our officers, this unified command and all those that respond, respond in a professional manner and that when we wear this uniform, we understand that we’ve got a professional standard that we adhere to.”

Woman: “Do you agree with them wearing them? Or would you disagree with them?”

Johnson: “We will have conversations with those agencies after this meeting.”