Judge said actions of officer who shot his colleague were “intentional”

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ST. LOUIS – Judge David Roither said he had a problem with defense attorneys calling Officer Nathanial Hendren’s fatal shooting of Officer Katlyn Alix an accident.

The judge pointed to the suspect’s military and police training and said Officer Hendren knows, “You do not point a muzzle at anything you do not intend to shoot.”

Judge Roither listed what he believes were “intentional” acts as described in the probable cause statement.

“Unholstering the firearm – an intentional action. Loading it – intentional action. Reloading it – intentional action. Pointing it – intentional,” Roither said

Despite the judge’s strong words, Officer Hendren bonded out. The judge increased the bond to $100,000 but allowed him to post 10 percent to get out.

During the hearing, Katlyn Alix’s sister, Jessica Durbin, cried to the judge, ”My whole world is lost.” She added, “we need the truth.”

Officer Alix’s husband, St. Louis police Officer Anthony Meyer, also pleaded with the judge, asking him not to reduce Hendren’s bond.

Hendren sat with his head down, sometimes lowering it to the table. His family, from Columbia, Missouri, sat behind him. They held each other and cried.

Talmage Newton, Hendren’s attorney, was asked about the judge’s characterization that the shooting was not an accident.

“This case is at the very beginning. The police report is not complete,” Newton said. “Any of the facts in evidence are not in the public domain right now. The statements made right now are based purely on the state’s allegations – the complaint and the charging document. I again urge everyone to keep an open mind and wait to see all of the facts when they come out.”

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner also spoke to the media outside the courtroom.

“My office is dedicated to getting to the bottom of this. This is a serious case,” she said. “Katlyn’s family deserves that. The community deserves answers and we’re going to put the full weight of our office to investigate this case as well as get to the bottom this.”

Hendren will be on house arrest while out on bond. He’ll wear an ankle bracelet and his guns will be taken from him. His case will now go to the grand jury.

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