Just as Grafton starts to rebound, the coronavirus hit

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GRAFTON, IL - There’s no doubt COVID-19 is pounding businesses across the country. It has been a tough 12 months in Grafton, Illinois, last year all the flooding and now the coronavirus.

Janey Brummett is President of the Grafton Chamber of Commerce, “This coming weekend would probably be the opening of a lot of business here in town for the season and we’re not able to open,” said Brummett.

In 2019 flooding costs the restaurants, shops and Grafton millions of dollars. Just when they were hoping to rebound the coronavirus hit. Mayor Rick Eberlin said, “It makes it a lot more challenging.”

Theirs is some minor flooding forecast this weekend. Should they get swamped again this spring and the virus is still infecting folks the mayor believes his town is ready to protect workers and volunteers.

“We’ve got the gloves, we’ve got the masks, we’ve got the disinfectant that are needed,” said Mayor Eberlin.

Once again, the community looks to the future with resilience and hope. A title company is trying to give Grafton a shot in the arm. It purchased $10,000 worth of Grafton store and restaurants gift certificates for a give-away. Now they need visitors.

“For those that come and help support us we’d greatly appreciate it,” said Brummett.

The mayor added, “I try to be upbeat and positive.”

He said there are good things among the bad. SkyTour, which gives visitors a sky-high view of the community is ready to go, a grist mill is being built to supply power to artisans and the mayor is hopeful that a new medical clinic will soon open in town.


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