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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)– A once-rising star in city politics avoids possible jail time but agrees to a stiff fine in a deal with the circuit attorney’s office.

The deal between Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce and Kacie Starr Triplett was signed on March 6th, but announced Friday only after Triplett made good on several payments.

In total Triplett has agreed to pay $22,000 in restitution, which that money will go to the St. Louis city public schools.

Triplett admits to spending $18,900 in campaign money on personal items including everything from jewelry and clothes to spa services to food and in addition taking close to $5,000 in cash for personal use.

However, the statute of limitations on those potentially illegal expenses is up.

Jennifer Joyce was very frank Friday afternoon saying she would have had a very limited amount of evidence to prosecute Triplett and the penalties Triplett could have faced would have been less than what she has agreed to under this restitution deal.

If Triplett misses any payment the circuit attorney says she will prosecute Triplett.

And it’s important to note that Triplett also faces a $100,000 fine from the Missouri Ethics Commission.

We did try to contact her through her Facebook page but have not heard back.

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