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ST. LOUIS – More than 20 years after the infamous O.J. Simpson murder trial, Kato Kaelin says he’s proven to be a different person than what much of America thought.

“I think the misconceptions were that I was a freeloader. I think the misconceptions were that I was this airhead guy and I think with all the time that’s passed, it’s been kind of the opposite,” Kaelin said.

If Kaelin’s shown anything over the years, it’s his ability to stay employed and in the public eye.

“I’m so busy! I don’t know how I had time to talk to you, but I did because I like you!” he joked.

And Kaelin really likes his current gig as emcee of Wizard World Comic Con in St. Louis.

“Music acts, jugglers, dancers, think America’s Got Talent. I’m the emcee,” he said.

From his commercial work and clothing line to his television and film careers, Kaelin says it wasn’t until he saw himself portrayed in FX Network’s “The People vs. O.J. Simpson” that his wild ride came full circle.

“It didn’t seem like it was part of my life and I’m looking at it going, ‘It’s part of my life.’ That’s the real surreal part.” added Kaelin.

And how’s this for surreal: Kaelin says the last time he saw O.J. was in a restroom during Simpson’s deposition in the civil case that followed his murder trial.

“While I’m at the urinal, he walked in and was right next to me and was asking, ‘Hey, what’s up?’ There was nothing I could say, so I walked out,” he said.

With Simpson now on parole, Kaelin says O.J.’s thirst for attention not only channels his charm but fuels his failures.

“My opinion is his ego was so big that he heard what he wanted to hear,” Kaelin said.

Known best for his part in the past, Kaelin says his best days are still ahead.

“Maybe if there’s a person upstairs you believe in or not, saying your time wasn’t then, your time is now. I’m hoping my time is now,” he said.