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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) – Water fountains and fans are an actor’s best friend at the Muny this week.

“Wool clothing at this time of year, can you imagine and layering and all this stuff?” asks Katie Travis who plays Cosette in Les Miserable.  “I'm glad I can wear tank tops and shorts.”

But only in rehearsal are these French revolutionists allowed to wear shorts and t-shirts.
Come show time, they've got a few tricks up their sleeve.

“Some of them when they get off stage put a wet towel around their neck to cool themselves down,” says Assistant Marketing Director Larry Pry.  “If they're wearing it, the second they get out of the sight lines they'll drop it and the dresser will carry it around for them so they can get to the Gatorade and the water.”

“With the Gatorade and water we have backstage and we've been rehearsing outside for the past week and a half so we've been getting used to it,” says Travis.  “Then we also have the amazing new fans here that have been keeping us cool as well.”

The new fans are keeping customers cool, so much so that they've gotten calls and emails from Muny patrons surprised by the airflow during the show.
But under those hot lights, these actors are acclimated for 1862 France.

“I mean the French revolution, no AC so why should we spoil them now.  Its true character study for them,” says Pry.

“It also kind of works while you're being a farmer or on stage where you have to be hot playing a factory worker,” says Travis.  “So you can kind of play with the actual heat.”

Yeah, if you can't beat the heat, join it.

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