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MAPLEWOOD (KTVI)- For a child , dealing with their parents’ divorce creates feelings of anxiety , sadness and loneliness. Research in the field supports the benefits of counseling services for children and families during this time of transition. Kids In The Middle helps families transition to a new way of life before , during and after separation and divorce , for the sake of creating healthier futures for all involved. Kids In The Middle helps families effectively transition to a new , healthy way of life , before, during and after separation, divorce or remarriage. Families come to Kids In The Middle not only during the divorce process; they find counseling, education and support helpful even after many years have passed.

Kids in The middle has passion for children and understands that children of divorce adjust much better when they are able to share their grief and feelings with other children They use a combination of talking and age appropriate activities including at therapy, play therapy, therapeutic games and books for children ages 31/2 to 18. Through group counseling with other children their age kids learn they are not alone, others are going through the same thingand they teach each other positive coping skills. Parents learn how to help their children through the difficult changes in the family .

Kids In The Middle help parents settle themselves emotionally so they can ” be there” for their kids. Most importantly they help parents communicate so they can reduce conflict and provide their kids safe with safe , loving homes. It’s more than just helping children tune into their thoughts and feelings. Kids In The Middle therapists provide a safe, confidential and objective place for children and parents to learn coping skills that will help them now and in the future. Family Counseling is a helpful way for the entire family or perhaps a parent and child to talk about issues together.

The goal of family counseling is to create better relationships and communication within the family. Different family members are included in the sessions deepening on the family’s need. Kids In The Middle also helps with blended-family issues as parents from new homes with ” his , hers and ours.” These sessions may include various members of the blended family as roles in the family are clarifiedand relationships are strengthened.

Research in the field supports the benefits of counseling services for children and families during this time of transition. Kids in The Middle’s experience and outcomes -based practices have shown that families can benefit in the following ways:

* Counseling will provide stability, self esteem and promote a positive self -image for kids when their lives seem to be shifting beneath their feet.

* Children will stop blaming them selves for their parents’ divorce. * Behavior problems at home and school will decrease.

* Feelings of loneliness, sadness, fear and anxiety will decrease.

* Children will be able to talk about their thoughts and feelings with parents.

* Children will develop and demonstrate the use of positive self- management and coping skills,

* Children will feel like it is okay to love both parents.

* Teenagers will be less likely to participate in at- risk behaviors.

* Parents will lean how divorce affects their children * Parents will learn how to help themselves and their children

* Parents will understand how their behaviors and interactions can help or hurt their children

*Parents will understand the urgency to stop fighting with each other, especially in front of their children.

Kids in The Middle will not turn families away because of an in ability to pay for counseling services. Kids In The Middle uses a sliding scale fee process . Based upon an assessment of a family’s income and expenses, families pay what they can afford. This is possible through the generosity of the Metro St. Louis community and beyond which included: individual donors, corporations, foundations, local government grants and the United Way of Greater St. Louis.

For more information about the organization simply call 314-909-9922 and speak to one of the Clinical Coordinator.