JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Missouri auditor issued a subpoena Thursday to St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, another challenge as she faces possible removal from office.

Scott Fitzpatrick issued a subpoena against Gardner and the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office as part of his ongoing audit of the city of St. Louis.

Fitzpatrick asserts that Gardner’s office missed multiple deadlines for a document request.

Subpoenaed documents include bank statements, credit card statements, policy guidelines, and other expenditure information. Fitzpatrick says his office originally requested these documents on Jan. 23 with a deadline of Feb. 14.

“We’ve tried to work with the Circuit Attorney’s Office but my patience has run out,” Auditor Fitzpatrick said. “Serious questions have been raised about the performance of Kim Gardner’s office, and the fact that she refuses to produce basic financial documents for review is extremely concerning. The people of St. Louis, through their Board of Aldermen, have requested this audit, so when Ms. Gardner continues to evade her responsibility to produce critical documents as requested, she isn’t just refusing to cooperate with the State Auditor’s office, she’s also refusing to cooperate with her own constituents.”

The subpeona comes one week after Missouri AG Andrew Bailey filed a writ of quo warranto against Kim Gardner, accusing her of neglecting her duties as circuit attorney. Several Missouri state lawmakers and St. Louis Aldermen also called on Gardner to resign last week.

Outrage against Gardner stems from an incident last weekend, in which an out-of-town teenager suffered a life-changing injury due to a driver who was out on bond awaiting trial for armed robbery.

Janae Edmondson, 17, was visiting St. Louis with her family for a volleyball tournament. The family was walking in downtown St. Louis around 8:40 p.m. last Saturday when a speeding driver failed to yield and collided with another vehicle. That second vehicle struck Edmondson, who has had both of her legs amputated since the crash.

The man accused in the crash, 21-year-old Daniel Riley, was out on bond from a 2020 armed robbery case. Last August, he was given a personal recognizance bond that required him to be tracked by GPS and stay at home. Court records show he violated house arrest dozens of times leading up to the crash.

Gardner’s office contends that prosecutors asked for higher bonds several times, though judges denied such requests. She says the most recent effort to address Riley’s bond conditions came in January 2023, though says “there was no response” upon asking the court for a hearing date over Riley’s bond.

Fitzpatrick says his latest audit comes after request from the St. Louis Board of Aldermen.  The State Auditor’s Office has released over 20 audit reports relating to this request, and anticipates finishing the audit this year.

The last state audit of the city of St. Louis was completed in 2010.