ST. LOUIS – A criminal contempt case against former Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner and a former assistant prosecutor Chris Desilets has been dismissed, according to new court documents obtained by FOX 2 on Wednesday.

After mounting legal challenges, Gardner officially resigned from her role as St. Louis Circuit Attorney on Tuesday, nearly two weeks before she initially planned to step down.

Per the court documents, Gardner had requested to dismiss a pending “indirect criminal contempt matter” because, as of Wednesday, she and Desilets are no longer employed through the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office.

Among those challenges was an “indirect contempt of court” hearing that had been planned for later this month, which was scheduled when Gardner did not show up for two contempt of court hearings last month. Those April hearings had been scheduled over a case from an Oct. 2020 incident in which an 11-year-old girl was shot.

In a court filing Monday, the Missouri Attorney General claimed Gardner was at nursing school while she supposed to be attending a contempt of court hearing.  Bailey said his office received information weeks ago that Gardner was taking classes since fall 2021, and had subpoenaed the school.

After Gardner missed the two contempt of court hearings in April, Judge Michael Noble had said she showed sufficient evidence of disdain and disrespect for the judicial process by not showing up. He also noted, “The Circuit Attorney’s Office appears to be a rudderless ship of chaos.”

Gardner initially announced her intended date of resignation on June 1, though sent a letter to Gov. Parson on Tuesday to announce she would leave her post Tuesday. As Parson looks to appoint another candidate in the near future, his general counsel, Evan Rodriguez, is serving as the acting interim St. Louis Circuit Attorney.