Kinder says he will stay positive in race for Missouri Governor’s office

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder hopes his name recognition that comes from three successful statewide campaigns will open the door to the governor’s office.

Kinder is running in a close primary race for the GOP nomination for governor against St. Louis businessman John Brunner, former Navy Seal Eric Greitens and former Missouri House Speaker and St. Louis U.S. Attorney Catherine Hanaway.

All four candidates tout their conservative viewpoints and pro-gun positions. Kinder, however, says he has actually acted on his views by challenging in court the implementation of Obamacare in Missouri.

A lawyer from Cape Girardeau, he served three terms in the Missouri Senate before being elected Lieutenant Governor in 2004.

The primary battle has been marked by negative campaign commercials from outside political action committees as well as accusations by some of the governor candidates about each other.

Kinder believes voters are tired of it. “The people want to see facts and fair argument laid on the table and that’s what I’ve done throughout my campaign discussing the issues,” he said Friday after an award ceremony he conducted in his role as Lieutenant Governor.

One of Kinder’s television commercials makes that point using children from his hometown to play act as his opponents. They actually throw mud at each other.

Kinder said no matter what comes his way in the last few days before the election, he will not respond in kind.

If elected, he promises economic reforms, labor market changes and a restoration of respect for law and order. “Never again will we allow the streets of a town or city in our state to be taken over by the criminals and the vandals and the looters by a failure of state government leadership and that’s what happened in Ferguson,” he charged. He criticized incumbent and Democratic Governor Jay Nixon for failing to use the Missouri National Guard to protect businesses in the Dellwood and Ferguson communities that were destroyed by arsonists in 2014.

When asked what he would say to families who believe the police do not respect them, Kinder responded, “I will work with anyone in the state to improve that situation, but we must stand with our peace officers.” He then added, “I know the leaders at the local level; we will listen to grievances against police and reform where we need to, but I’m going to back up our peace officers as they need to be.”

Kinder’s opponents have outraised him and outspent him on campaign publicity. “I don’t have any of these shady PACS that nobody knows who they are backing me or running ads on my behalf, Kinder noted. “The answer to money in politics is full disclosure.”

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