Kirkwood LEGO store allows children to explore their imagination

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KIRKWOOD, MO – A new store has open in Kirkwood that will delight kids and parents alike.  The store allows kids to create worlds from their imaginations.

“Right now, he's in the engineer phase and he wants to know why everything works and get down to the detail and I think LEGOS are a great way to help him understand where stuff goes spatially and makes it fun for me too cause I never had LEGO growing up.  So, it's something we can do together,” said James Shockley, parent.

The LEGO store is the brainchild of Michael Atwood, the owner of Minifig Shop, “The Minifig Shop is a LEGO resale store.  We basically buy and sell anything LEGO branded.”

Yes, there are lots and lots of LEGOS in this resale location off Kirkwood Road.

“We have about 25,000 mini-figures on display and kids can come in and pick them out and see what they want,” said Atwood.

Wednesday night FOX debuts LEGO masters, a reality competition show about the popular worldwide brand.

And what's the key to this mom and pop LEGO store?

“Because everyone who walks into the store has something in common and that's that they're a fan of LEGO.  We've had kids that have made very close friends through the store.  We've had it all.  They'll sit around their bulk tables and they'll talk about what they're working on.  They'll help each other find the pieces for the projects they're working on,” said Atwood.


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