Kirkwood residents show support for first responders during coronavirus crisis


KIRKWOOD, MO – In Italy folks sang from their balconies to show their appreciation to first responders during the coronavirus pandemic.

In a Kirkwood neighborhood, folks have been making a lot of noise of support but they’re taking a different approach. They are banging pots and pans every night at 6 p.m.

Katie Burckhalter is one of the participants.

“We want to show some appreciation for everybody who’s helping us out during the Covid pandemic,” said Katie Burckhalter.

They started Sunday night.

“I like to say thank you.” Her brother Finn agrees, “It’s fun but it also makes me feel good to do this,” Audrey Voss, fourth-grader.

They’re making a joyful noise for the doctors, nurses and medical folks who are on the front lines, people like Dr. Eduardo Reina.

“It shows that people are thinking of us and people are caring and that’s what matter it’s the thought,” said Dr. Eduardo Reina.

They’re giving thanks for grocery employees including the folks at Freddie’s Market in Webster Groves where they are working extra hard taking care of customers and keeping shelves loaded with stock despite their own fears of the disease.

“I’m very grateful I’m very blessed my staff needs a pat on the back,” said Larry Bononi, owner.

And they show support from emergency crews, like police, fire and EMT’s.

“Totally appreciated but this is Kirkwood and this is what Kirkwood does,” said Gary Baldridge, Kirkwood police officer.

Schnucks sent a statement that says in part…”the outpouring of support that Schnucks’ teammates has received in the past several weeks has been nothing short of extraordinary and this gesture is no exception”.


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