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ST. LOUIS – Early studies are showing that asthma patients aren’t getting COVID-19 at a higher rate than someone without the breathing condition.  At first, doctors warned that asthma patients were at greater risk because COVID-19 attacks the lungs.  Turns out that is not the case. 

Washington University School of Medicine Asthma and Allergy specialist Dr. James Wedner says data from China, Europe and the US shows asthma patients aren’t getting COVID-19 as much as expected.  Around 8 to 12 percent of the population has asthma but less than 4 percent of COVID-19patients are asthmatics.  Researchers aren’t sure why, but likely because asthmatics are good at knowing what to do medically and are better at social distancing.  The result is less exposure.

Heart disease, diabetes and obesity are morbidities to COVID-19.  That means it is a chronic condition found to accompany a secondary chronic illness.