‘KTS Predator Hunters’ leader ending work after legal issues and mental exaustion


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ST. LOUIS, Mo. – The leader of a local Facebook page and website devoted to exposing sexual predators says that he is ceasing operations. Kyle Swanson, 30, was recently indicted by a grand jury on three counts for unlawful restraint, obstruction of justice, and assault. He says that the court cases and mental exhaustion has led to the end of the project.

Some of the social media posts by the group has led to arrests. But, many of the charges were dropped by local prosecutors. The confrontations left Swanson and others involved in the KTS Predator Hunters Facebook groups open to legal issues.

The grand jury wants it to be clear that people who practice vigilante justice may face consequences for their actions. They need to let law enforcement do their jobs.

This statement was posted to the KTS Facebook page Sunday:

“We have had three successful years working as KTS. It’s with a heavy heart, that I am announcing the closing of KTS Predator Hunters LLC. During this time we have brought a HUGE amount of awareness to our community of sexual predators and how bold they are to meet children in broad daylight in any population.

Throughout the three years, we have exposed over 300 predators, with 29 arrests, and 25 successful convictions. Some may say that’s a terrible stat, but I say that’s a good stat when it comes down to certain counties saying they cannot convict based on our evidence.

Throughout this last year we have won a lawsuit and now facing ridiculous charges. The mental exhaustion that comes with a business like this is just way to hard to let it keep going as it is.

I’ve enjoyed the great times with each and everyone of you, I just need to move on and figure out our next step.

Throughout this court process, we will keep our page up, but we will not conduct any operations. As we always have told you, please contact your local law enforcement with any emergencies.

We will always continue to VLOG on our YouTube channel, but it won’t be KTS related.
With much love,

Kyle Swanson”

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