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FENTON, MO (KTVI) – KKK flyers offering neighborhood watch security were tossed on driveways in a Fenton neighborhood Wednesday.  Residents in the San Simeon Estates subdivision off New Smizer Mill Rd. found the leaflets in plastic baggies weighted with small rocks.

The material was downloaded from a national website operated by the Ku Klux Klan.  A spokesman for the KKK, Frank Anacona said there are local Klan groups in the St. Louis area, but he did not know the reason for the leafleting.  He said Klan members often provide extra vigilance in neighborhoods where there have been break-ins or drug use.  He denied any connection to protests over the shooting of black teenager Mike Brown in Ferguson this summer.

Fenton Mayor Mike Polizzi said St. Louis County Police contracted to patrol Fenton already operate neighborhood watch groups.  Those citizens got an email Wednesday from the officer who is their liaison.  He explained no crimes were committed in the San Simeon neighborhood overnight.  Polizzi said “Fenton does a good job all on its own,” when it comes to a neighborhood watch program.

Long time resident Jeanne Miller expressed shock at hearing news of the KKK flyer.
“This is not Fenton, not Fenton.  Some idiot came in here and tossed these things around,” she said.