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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – The St. Louis Rams are poised to be granted permission for a return to Los Angeles, according to a report appearing in the Los Angeles Times.

Unnamed NFL officials tell Times reporters that owners are building toward a consensus which would allow the Rams and San Diego Chargers to relocate to Los Angeles and play in a stadium to be built in Inglewood.

Rams owner Stan Kroenke has declared his intention to build a stadium in Inglewood, which would carry an estimated price tag of nearly $1.9 billion.

NFL owners are meeting in Houston this week to discuss the relocation applications of three franchises: the Rams, Chargers, and Oakland Raiders. A vote could occur as early as Tuesday. Three-quarters of the 32 owners would have to approve any franchise relocation.

This past weekend, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell released a 48-page report declaring all three cities (St. Louis, San Diego, and Oakland) had done an inadequate job in presenting new stadium plans to retain their franchises, creating a new wrinkle of worry among the respective fanbases.