Laclede's Landing revitalization underway

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ST. LOUIS – Developers are working to revitalize Laclede’s Landing in downtown St. Louis, with the goal of transforming the area into a 24/7 neighborhood.

New Legacy Partners has already acquired eight buildings in the area and they’ll soon have two more.

“Our entire program is to convert these buildings that used to be bars, nightclubs, office buildings, into what we see here at Peper Lofts, which is pure mixed-use,” said David Messner, New Legacy Partners.

The Peper Lofts have 55 units offering retail and office space. They’re almost sold out of space for a building that isn’t even complete yet. Developers said they’re seeing a younger clientele, as well as big interest from Scott Air Force Base, the NGA project, Cortex workers, and people who want to live with views of the Mississippi Riverfront.

“There's a number of other opportunities coming here with regards to $5 million in infrastructure grants where all streets, lighting, and cobblestones will be redone between March 15 and October 15,” said Brian Minges, owner of Advantes Group.

Laclede's Landing is the cornerstone of what they call the Founders District – approximately 140 to 160 acres from the Eads Bridge to the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge.

“The Landing was on the downside five years now and when we look across the national landscape, the riverfront community is the prime estate in the area,” Minges said.

While the Peper Loft is operating at near max capacity, four other buildings will be under construction in the next few months.

“The excitement when we talk to people about and what we are doing and what’s to come, there's not a doubt in my mind this is not only going to be a gold mine for businesses and partners we bring in, but also will be a crown jewel for St. Louis,” Messner said.


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