Ladue Market closing after nine decades in business


Ladue Market

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LADUE, Mo. – It's a sad time for owners and customers of Ladue Market. The small grocery store will close when its stock runs out.

The Ladue Market opened in 1928. Owners now say it’s time to close.

“A lot of it just has to do with the fact that none of us are getting younger and some illness in the family,” said Kenny Whiteman, family owner. “The fact that it's hard for a small grocery store to stay in competition with big stores.”

Whiteman said business is good, but since the next generation of the family is in school for other careers, they want to go out on their own terms.

“The things they've done for my family and cooked. They're part of all of my holidays. My kids coming up here. It's very sad,” said Carrie Forrester, a Ladue Market customer.

Another customer, Rachel Sokolich, said she understands the decision to close.

“I’m part of a family business,” she said. “Stuff changes. I just hope whatever comes of this place, it's beneficial. As beneficial as this place has been for Ladue.”

Ladue Market anticipates being open into February, giving them an opportunity to say goodbye to most of their customers.

“Probably the hardest part of all this is saying goodbye to everybody,” Whiteman said. “They've been not only our customers but also our family and friends too.”

The store will continue to bring in fresh meat and dairy products until they close.

Whiteman said he’s not sure what will happen to the store and land after they close.

“We'll put it up for sale and see if somebody decides they want a grocery store. It's a great place,” he said. “We've never had a problem having customers, that’s for sure.”


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