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LADUE, Mo. – Some Ladue residents have asked Mayor Nancy Spewak how the city will regulate privacy and drone usage as the it moves into the future.

Ladue is expanding its peeping Toms ordinance to now cover drone usage. This prohibits people from peering into the windows others buildings and houses without a visible or lawful purpose.

“I think this was most enforceable ordinance we could put forth was the window peeping,” Spewak said. “We already had it on the books and we just put electronic devices in there.”

The mayor said the city hasn’t experienced any problems with drones or complaints, but they just want to get out in front of it.

“We’ve been very proactive,” she said. “It’s on everyone’s mind because everyone is talking about drones and in the future.”

Ladue wanted an enforceable ordinance for police to prevent drones from flying around on private property without permission of the property owners.

“This is not meant to stop package delivery in the future by drone; and real estate agents use drones to show property,” Spewak said.

The mayor said she believes a few other local cities have enacted similar ordinances and this is all about protecting citizens.

“I just think it’s important that residents understand that we take their concerns seriously and that we always want to be proactive in protecting their privacy,” she said.