Law enforcement agencies collaborating to crack down on rolling gun violence

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. – One man is recovering from serious injuries after a shooting on I-70 and Riverview. Law enforcement agencies said they are putting a plan is in place to crack down on the rolling violence.

There have now been at least four shootings between I-70 and I-270 in less than two months.

“People have to come and go,” said James Madison, a commuter. “We use this for work, families, and friends. We have to use the highway.”

Concerns from commuters continue after violence spills out on the roadways.

“It worries me because I stay late a lot at work and leave when it’s dark,” said Darla Frey, a commuter.

The latest shooting happened on I-70 Wednesday night. One victim went to the hospital. The homicide division is investigating.

“We need more police officers. It’s sad,” Madison said.

Three recent acts of violence happened on I-270 starting back in December.

“Two of them were on the same day, same time of day, and same location,” said Chief Gregg Hall, Hazelwood Police Department.

Hall said right now, law enforcement agencies are sharing resources and information to work on a way to drive the violence off the freeways.

“I recently had these discussions with chiefs of police, and they are different agencies trying to develop consistent plans to be visible on the highway,” Hall said.

Fox 2 reached out to all municipalities with recent roadway shootings to ask why the increase and if there was heightened patrol on highways.

We are still waiting to hear back from St. Louis city police.

St. Louis County police did respond and said the answers are complex, and they are responsible for little of the highways.

Meanwhile, the motives of these shootings appear to vary.

“Are they circumstances of opportunity, targeted, random acts of violence, or road rage events? All of the above,” Hall said.

“We should always feel comfortable where we are in our environment,” Frey said. “What’s going on is very scary.”

Chief Hall said this is a collaborative effort, but they do plan to use a hazardous moving grant from the state that would help put more authorities on the roads.


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