Lawn care company blasts bill to ban gas powered leaf blowers

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SWANSEA, II. - It may soon be against the law to use a gasoline-powered leaf blower in Illinois.  That’s if a bill introduced by a Chicago area state senator becomes law. The Illinois state senator believes the gasoline-powered leaf blowers are dangerous.  Brad Wilson has been in the lawn care business for four years. He has three gas-powered leaf blowers.

“I think it’s crazy,” said Brad Wilson.

In a bill proposed by State Senator Laura Fine, gas blowers would be outlawed. Wilson said switching to electric or battery-operated blowers would cost him hundreds if not thousands of dollars, plus he said they’re not as powerful. He may not be able to keep up with 80 customers in the Metro East.

“It’s going to slow my production time down dramatically being a solo operation it’s all about quickness you get one done and move onto the next one,” said Wilson.

The bill proposed by Senator Fine says gasoline-powered leaf blowers cause dangerous pollution, contribute to smog, acid rain and are too loud.

“Road construction is loud are you going to stop working on the roads? Where’s it going to stop?” said Wilson.

Debbie Jennings just purchased a new $200 gas-powered leaf blower. She said it does a better job than the other kind.

“There’s a lot of things that causes pollution just not the leaf blower that’s for sure,” said Debbie Jennings.

We went to Lee’s Home Center in Millstadt. They sell electric, battery and gasoline-fueled leaf blowers. One of the store owners, Dan Vogel, said the senator’s bill may not matter in five years.

“As the technology progresses with batteries, rechargeable blowers, they’ll be able to run long and have more power,” said Dan Vogel, owner Lee’s Home Center.

He thinks electric leaf blowers will be what most folks want in the future. If the bill becomes law you could be fined $500 for using or selling a gasoline-powered leaf blower.


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