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CLAYTON, MO (KTVI) – The man who walked into a hotel room and got into a bed with a sleeping 9-year-old is now suing the hotel for what they “didn’t” do that night.

The lawsuit states that in 2011 Daniel Hughes walked into the wrong hotel room at the Ritz Carlton in Clayton after a night of drinking and he was given the wrong key by a hotel clerk.

Hughes then got into the bed that a 9-year-old girl was sleeping in and was criminally charged.

He was found not guilty on those charges and is now suing the Ritz for the role they played in what took place that evening.

Hughes’ attorney, Barry Cohen, said everything that has happened to the young girl and Hughes is a result of negligence by the Ritz.

He said there are common place policies and procedures that were not followed by the hotel.

Cohen said they did not check the name registered to the room, they did not send a security guard up with an intoxicated individual and what Cohen stresses the most they did not check Hughes’ ID.

“They must check ID that is fundamental even at the Motel 6 they check your ID before they give you a key, this is the Ritz Carlton for crying out loud it is fundamental that when someone comes down asking for a key they don`t give a key to just anybody they check your ID,” said Cohen.

As a result of the night Hughes lost his job as one of the top executives at Enterprise where Cohen said he was making close to a million dollar a year, and he said the damage to Hughes’ reputation is irreversible

“His economic damages are close to 30 million dollars and the ruining of his life is worth a lot of money on that economic end so this is a very, very big case we are not talking about three or four million dollars, were are talking about many millions because they absolutely ruined this man,” said Cohen.

We reached out to the Ritz for comment on this case.

They have not been served with the lawsuit yet so they had no comment at this time.