Legal Lens: Rising insurance rates


ST. LOUIS- Have you noticed if your car insurance rates have gone up? This week’s Legal Lens with Brown & Crouppen attorney Andrea McNairy examines why many rates have gone up.

“I would say it’s a mix of going back to pre-pandemic levels and new driving habits,” McNairy said. “You can always ask for a discount, just like we saw during the pandemic, the insurance companies give back or reduced rates to the tune of $14 billion during that time. Some did it automatically and some you had to ask,” she said.

Rates are only slightly higher now than when the pandemic started, McNairy said. The amount given back drove premiums down, and now that more people are back out on the road, there are more crashes, more potential for people to drive recklessly, pushing premiums higher.

Insurance companies don’t want to lose your business, so it’s a good practice to shop around for other quotes and use those as talking points when trying to get a lower rate from your existing provider, McNairy said.

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