Legal marijuana sales expected to boost Collinsville economy up to $5 million

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COLLINSVILLE, Ill. – Sales of recreational marijuana are still going strong on the second day since the drug became legal to purchase.

Toi Hutchinson, who oversees the recreational use of marijuana for Governor J.B. Pritzker, says the state recorded more than 77,000 transactions, with sales totals approaching $3.2 million.

Some people arrived at HCI Alternatives in Collinsville on January 1, saw the huge crowds, and gave up before even getting out their vehicles.

Kathleen Olivastro, an HCI dispensary spokesman, estimates they served about 2,000 customers on Wednesday.

“It was just absolute madness,” one man said. “Thousands of people here.”

The line was just half as long on Thursday.

Thursday the line was about half as long.

“Perhaps during the week, it will settle down a little more; maybe mid-January,” Olivastro said. “They’ll be able to just come and walk right in.”

Illinois law says the higher the THC in any cannabis product, the higher the state tax on that product – up to a quarter on each dollar. And that’s not even counting the local tax.

“It is nice. We can keep our property taxes low for the city and really increases services,” said Collinsville City Manager Mitch Blair.

Bair says they plan to use the extra tax money from marijuana sales on improvements to streets and sidewalks and stormwater issues.

“We were told the real revenue estimate will be $3 million to $5 million directly toward the city,” Blair said.

Officials say some of the state tax money will go to help communities that have been ravaged by the war on drugs.


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