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LEMAY, MO (KTVI) – A community cleanup effort in the Lemay area of south St. Louis County turns up some forty hypodermic needles near a busy alleyway. The effort is motivating the organizers to do more for the south county community.

The alley, near Shop-and-Save, is a busy cut through. During Saturday’s cleanup volunteers found some 40 syringes. Some new and some used stashed under a bush.

The “Clean Sweep” effort was organized by the Facebook group, “Only in Lemay.” The founders described themselves as community activists with an attitude. They are particularly upset over the evidence of illegal drug use and the mess that thoughtless residents create by discarding single shot liquor bottles and trash near homes and businesses.

“We had a great time; everybody knew each other. We could run around on the streets. Everybody`s parents could keep an eye out for us; I`d just love to do that for my kids.” said Only In Lemay Co-Founder Josh Morgan.

“Drug use is a growing concern. I don`t think it is just in this area. It is a growing concern in every area. But this area has been impacted greatly by drug use and drug abuse.” said Only In Lemay Co-Founder Brock Schmittlers.

“We’ve lived here our whole life. Nobody has ever done anything for the community; so we figured if anybody was going to do it, it would have to be us.” said Josh Morgan.

“We were doing a lot of cleanup and we had a group up here. We were removing the bottles and there was a heavy amount of debris in the bush. We found about 138 airplane shot bottles and about 42 syringes.” said Brock Schmittlers.

The volunteers took the syringes to a local fire house to be properly disposed of. The next cleanup is on October 29 at 9am at Lemay Park. Halloween returns to the neighborhood with a trunk or treat at the bean house restaurant on october 30th from 6pm to 8pm.