License recognition cameras being installed on South Grand

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Cameras able to instantly read license plates are about to be installed on South Grand Boulevard.

License plate recognition cameras are the eyes that never blink.

They read the plate of every passing car, and instantly run them through a national database of vehicles involved in felonies.

Most of the time that means spotting stolen cars, and every time there is a match, police are immediately notified.

The crime fighting theory is that stolen cars are usually being driven by someone planning other crimes.

And that`s why the South Grand Community Improvement District is installing two license plate cameras, even though the district is only six blocks long.

‘South Grand Boulevard with over 28,000 cars a day is an area that can help capture vehicles from all over that are driving through the city and committing crimes in other parts of the city or region,’ said South Grand Improvement District Executive Director Rachel Witt.

If this sounds familiar it should. Last May, 12 license recognition cameras were installed in Downtown St. Louis.

And Downtown STL Inc., which raised the money to buy the cameras, is happy with the results.

‘There have been over 100 arrests made from the cameras resulting in 250 charges,’ said Downtown STL Inc., President and CEO, Missy Kelley.

‘I`m excited to hear other neighborhoods in the city are using this because I think eventually this will be a deterrent,’ Kelly said.

The two cameras on South Grand could be up and running by the end of the week. One will be scanning the northbound lanes; the other will focus on cars headed south.

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