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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – A little girl’s wish is came true in St. Louis thanks to the Make a Wish Foundation, the St. Louis County Police and some very familiar mascots.

Jalisha Pegues is battling End Stage Renal Disease.  In 2006 she had a kidney transplant and it lasted about seven years. Then it shut down on her.

She loves reading, cooking and when she grows up she wants to “be a cop.”  When Pegues got up this morning she had no idea how her day was bout to unfold.

I asked him where we were going and he said, “You got a doctor`s appointment,” recalls Jalisha Pegues.  “When I got here there were a lot of people.”

“Were you surprised?”asks Patrick Clark.

“Yeah,” says a smiling Pegues.

On Thursday the 14-year-old got her wish of becoming a police officer.  And as part of her mission, Jalisha participated in an elaborate search for the city’s mascots, Rampage, Louie and Fredbird Her search for tips and witnesses lead her downtown to the Scottrade Center, Busch Stadium and the Edwards Jones Dome.

She trained at the police academy, participated in defense tactics, handcuffing, meeting the K9 unit and more. Clues then led her to the Scottrade center. She then traveled to Ballpark Village where she was greeted by a crowd of fans.

The villain was unmasked at Busch Stadium. Jalisha discovered that Rally Squirrel was behind the caper to hold the area’s mascots hostage. The man behind the mask was Jim Hayes from FOX Sports Midwest.

” I thank you guys for making my wish come true,” adds Pegues.