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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Protesters  gathered near the Ferguson police department hours before Prosecutor Robert McCulloch announced that Officer Darren Wilson was not indicted. Demonstrations turned violent soon after the announcement was made.

Protesters made good on their promise to burn the city if the decision did not go their way.  At least 12 buildings were burned in Ferguson.  Police vehicles were set on fire and melted in the street.  The Auto Buy Credit car dealership in Dellwood had cars burned in the lot.  Smoke filled the air and flames could be seen all night.  Firefighters could not approach fires because they were concerned for their safety.  The demonstrators were armed.

A different tactic was taken in South St. Louis. The highway was shut down by peaceful protesters just after 9:30pm.  They closed all traffic on I-44 at Grand Ave.  Demonstrators then marched towards the South Grand business district about an hour later.  Businesses had bricks thrown through windows.  There were also some reports of looting.  But, police put an end to the demonstrations with tear gas.

Twenty nine people have been arrested so far around Ferguson, St. Louis County Police said early Tuesday morning.