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(KTVI) – The family of Vonderrit Myers Jr. hired pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht to perform an independent autopsy on the teen’s body after he was shot by a St. Louis police officer.   Dr. Wecht released his initial findings in a news conference Thursday afternoon.

Wecht says Myers was shot eight times – six of those shots were fired at his back, possibly as Vonderit ran from the police officer.

Wecht showed the wounds in Vonderit’s legs and said one of the shots shattered his femur.

Wecht also says Vonderit was shot in the groin and the fatal shot was to the right side of his head between his eye brow and ear.    Attorneys for Myers’ family say the shots are consistent with what eye-witnesses said at the scene — that Myers was running away from the officer.

When asked about the gun power residue Dr. Wecht says ballistics evidence would have to show whether Vonderit’s hand was holding a gun or near a gun at the time of the shooting.