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SHREWSBURY, Mo. – Tense moments at a Metropolitan Sewer District drainage project site in Shrewsbury after multiple workers became trapped far underground and had to be rescued. 

This latest incident unfolded about 9:30 am on Carr Lane Court in Shrewsbury just off I-44.  MSD Spokesperson Sean Hadley says this all happened at the Deer Creek Tunnel drainage project and the workers involved were from KCI Contracting. 

Hadley says a total of seven workers were about 200 feet underground in a massive shaft that is being built for drainage.  We’re told the incident took place when three of the workers became trapped by what’s called a concrete form.  That’s a massive piece of material weighing some 3,000 lbs which is used to help shape concrete. 

Crews from at least nine different fire departments responded to rescue the workers.  We’re told fire crews used KCI equipment to go down into the shaft and rescue the workers. 

They were able to get the three trapped workers out in just over an hour after they were trapped.  Two had some leg injuries but only one had to be taken to the hospital. Fortunately, no serious injuries were reported. The other workers got out after the trapped workers were rescued. 

Hadley says back in 2019 a worker from a different company was killed at this same job site.  However, the circumstances were different.  That worker was struck by a crane early in the morning. 

The cause of today’s incident is still under investigation. Hadley says because of this latest incident the job site is now shutdown while OSHA tries to figure out what happened.  No word on when work there might resume.